Select lectures (2015-present)

All May/June 2020 book talks in Europe have been canceled due to covid-19.  

  • “Local or World Heritage? The Making and Breaking of Iran’s Medieval Tilework.” Visiting Scholar Talk, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara, 12 May 2020 (canceled/postponed) 
  • “Building Biographies: The Fates and Fortunes of Iran’s Monumental Mihrabs.” Invited lecturer, Center for Middle East Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, 28 Oct. 2019.
  • “National Geographic’s ‘Old and New in Persia’ (1939): A History of Travel and Tourism in Iran.” Invited lecturer, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 29 Sep. 2019.
  • “Connected Histories: Iran and the Deccan, 1400-1700.” Mejlis Institute, Yerevan, 25 Jul. 2019
  • “Mughal Painting and Objects.” Invited lecturer for the museum’s docent program, USC Pacific Asia Museum, 6 Nov. 2018.
  • “Iran-Deccan Geographies: Human and Cultural Networks through the St Andrews Qur’an.” Invited workshop participant for “Imagined Geographies in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Beyond,” organized by Prof. Dimitri Kastritsis, School of History and Centre for Anatolian and East Mediterranean Studies, University of St Andrews, 12 May 2018.
  • “The St. Andrews Qur’an Ongoing: Intervention and Biography between Iran and India.” Invited lecturer, 2017–2018 AKPIA Lecture Series, A Forum for Islamic Art & Architecture, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 5 Oct. 2017.
  • “Blue and White from early Abbasid Iraq to Safavid Iran.” Invited lecturer for the museum’s docent program, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, 11 Apr. 2017.
  • “Princess Patronesses in the Ilkhanid, Timurid, and Safavid Worlds.” Invited lecturer, Arts of Asia Spring 2017 Lectures Series, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, 17 Feb. 2017. 
  • “Between Herat, Bijapur, and Mysore: The Layers and Lives of the St Andrews Qur’an.” Conference speaker, Historians of Islamic Art Association biannual conference, Courtauld Insitute of Art, London, 22 Oct. 2016.
  • “The St Andrews Qur’an.” Workshop presentation for Visiting Scholar residency, University of St Andrews, Aug. 2016. 
  • “The Indo-Persian Painter Farrukh Husayn.” Invited lecturer, Arts of Asia Spring 2016 Lectures Series, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, 1 Apr. 2016.
  • “Experiencing Art and Architecture in Iran.” Invited lecturer, Armchair Travels Lecture Series, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 6 Dec. 2015.
  • “The Art of Intelligence and Rivalry: Jahangir and Ibrahim ‘Adil Shah II.” Invited class lecturer for “Mughal Worlds,” Prof. Arash Khazeni, Pomona College, 3 Nov. 2015.